Testing QHSEPAGE Reporting System

We set-up three sets of QHSE Reporting System, all of them with unrestricted access...
It means that you can log in using the credential sets listed on the right vertical panel "Testing Credentials"...
We are inviting you to use all resources on line to be able to throtle the script, also to find its abilities...

Just click on one the links below and you will be able to enter the script.
If you have any problem to set up your porject or any question, do not hesitate to contact us.

QRS Test 1  QRS Test 2  QRS Test 3

Testing Credentials

Just click on our logo above and you will be automaticaly redirected to one of our test pages. Please use on the following combination to log into QRS-SERVER application:

  • user1 - password1
  • ​user2 - password2
  • ​user3 - password3
  • ​user4 - password4
  • user5 - password5
  • ​user6 - password6
  • ​user7 - password7
  • ​user8 - password8
  • user9 - password9
  • ​user10 - password10