Company information

We have experience in and with multi-national environments, remote and dangerous areas and location, top-five international companies, high and ultimate responsibilities in projects which easily touch 550.000 Euro per day and more and so...

Add leadership traits that include honesty, integrity, decisiveness, a successful history of working well with other team members, an ongoing passion to learn, grow and to increase my knowledge and you will have our profile.

We make our services available immediately and also for very short, short or long term projects.

Our consultancy services include but not limitted to:

  • Design and implementation of management systems compliant with your relevant legislative requirements;
  • Behavioural change strategies;
  • Accident investigation;
  • Development and implementation (including training) of risk assessments, JSA’s and safe work method statements;
  • Auditing and implementation of traffic management plans and processes;
  • Development of tailored auditing processes to meet client requirements;
  • Contractor pre-qualification audits;


My experience [more than eighteen years in maritime industry in total and more than nine in high managerial roles representing top-five international companies] shall be considered a good foundation for a possible collaboration with you.

Being [and well internationally recognized and certified by IECO-UK, EAGE-Netherlands, OSHA-USA, IIRSM-UK, ASSE-USA, etc.] an QHSE and Security specialist [maritime, seismic, drilling, etc.], I believe my expertise could be widely used.

Activities as client representative, audits [IMCA, Maritime Audits, QHSE and Security Assessments, etc.], accident and incident investigations, trainer, reviewing documents, procedures and manuals  against present rules and regulations, supporting different teams for building  reports [bridging document] are just a few I can write them down, right now.

I would like to highlight my fully involvement as Tidewater’s Country Marine QHSE and Security Manager in Nigeria for two full years, followed by another two full years with FUGRO for their maritime departments, seismic and drilling projects, around the world. Shall I mention another 5 [five] months based in Soyo, Angola, representing Bourbon Offshore's interests with ESSO, as Local QHSE and Security Manager?

My corner stone’s education is referring to five years in the Naval Academy “Mircea cel Batran”, Constanta, Romania, so more than basic military education and all related [mentality, organization, survival and so] are still part of my present behavior.

For more details, I am inviting you to check my website QHSEOFFICE .

QHSEOFFICE was built to help and support more than seven billion people...

Companies [working with and for]:

  • ADMA [Abu Dhabi / Client Representative]
  • Maersk [West Africa / Client Representative]
  • EMGS [West Africa / Client Representative Seismic Aquisition Projects]
  • STATOIL [World Wide / Client Representative]
  • ENI [West Africa / Client Representative]
  • Exxon [West Africa / Client]
  • Shell [West Africa / Client]
  • BP [West Africa / Client]
  • Tidewater [West Africa / Country QHSE & Security Manager]
  • Edison Chouest [West Africa / Sub-Contractors]
  • Western Geco [World Wide / Client Representative Seismic Aquisition Projects
  • CGG Veritas [World Wide / Client Representative Seismic Aquisition Projects]
  • Polarcus [World Wide / Client Representative Seismic Aquisition Projects]
  • Dolphin Geophysical [World Wide / Client Representative Seismic Aquisition Projects]
  • FUGRO [World Wide / Geophysical Core Sampling]
  • Chevron [Nigeria / Client]
  • Spanish Maritime Authority [Spain / Geophysical Core Sampling]
  • D’Apolllonia [Italy / Drilling Project Mediterenian Sea]
  • TOTAL [World Wide / Seismic Aquisition Projects]
  • Murphy [West Africa / Geophysical Core Sampling] 

Skills & Expertise

  • ​QHSE Manager  (Expert, 8 years’ experience)
  • Safety Advisor  (Expert, 19 years’ experience)
  • Safety Audits  (Expert, 9 years’ experience)
  • Behavior Based Safety  (Expert, 19 years’ experience)
  • Security Management  (Advanced, 9 years’ experience)
  • Accident Investigation  (Expert, 8 years’ experience)
  • Risk Evaluation  (Expert, 13 years’ experience)
  • Maritime Security  (Expert, 13 years’ experience)
  • Maritime Operations  (Expert, 19 years’ experience)
  • Security Audits  (Advanced, 9 years’ experience)
  • IMCA audits  (Expert, 9 years’ experience)
  • Maritime Audits  (Expert, 9 years’ experience)
  • Safety Training  (Expert, 19 years’ experience)
  • Safety Training Programs  (Advanced, 9 years’ experience)
  • CBT Designer  (Advanced, 8 years’ experience)

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Affiliations & Membrships

  • American Society of Safety Engineers;
  • European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers;
  • International Association of Geophysical Contractors;
  • International Association of Safety Professionals;
  • International Energy Consultants Organization;
  • International institute of Risk and Safety Management;
  • International Marine Contractors Association;
  • Institution of Occupational Safety and Health;
  • International Recognized Certified Auditors;
  • Microsoft;
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration;
  • TUV Rheinland ISO Standards;
  • Rotary International;