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Few step-by-step instructions...

As it was mentioned before, the QHSEPAGE Reporting System is very simple to be set-up also to be used. Just read carefully the following information and you will be able to use it with no any problem!

Project Set-Up:

In the event that your QHEPAGE Reporting System is not yet set-up, please follow the below instructions:

On Project Set-Up main menu [orange] select the first tap as "Project Set-Up". You will be asked to enter the required information regarding your project. Don’t forget to hit the blue button "Save"!

On the bottom of the page, you will find a listing with all available and accessible projects.

In case that some of the data entered initially shall be changed, just hit the "Edit" button from "Option" and modify as requested. Again, do not forget to save your data!

Units / Vessels Set-Up tab will give you access to define whatever individual units are to be assigned to your project. Doing this, the reports could be detailed by individual unit [showing more details]. Just press the respective button and after that save it, if you need to edit your unit. If you will choose to "Delete" the unit, all records referring to the respective name will be deleted from your database!

Team Set-Up tab will give you access to define your reporting teams. If it will be only one team responsible for whole project and all units, is simple and could be defined as it is [for example, " _QHSE_QC]. If the project will be accessible for a number of personnel having reporting duties just for a limited number of units / vessels, in this case each team shall be defined accordingly.

Assign Unit / Vessel tab will give you access to define for each particular project which unit / vessel will be assigned. If you need to edit or to delete a specific assignment, use the respective buttons. The "Delete" option will not delete your vessel or project, it will delete just the assignments… And one more thing: do not forget to save your modifications.

Assign Team tab will give you access to assign a team to a specific unit / vessel. On the bottom of the page, you have to enter the unit / vessel name, as it was defined before, also the team name, same, as it was defined before.

Below, you have to enter the initial date and final date for the respective assignment. For example, the project is scheduled to be completed in approximate 90 days, starting 01MAY2014. In this case you will enter "From…" 01MAY2014 and "To…" 01AUG2014, continued by "Save". In any case if the project will be extended after the respective "To…" date, you will be able to modify it accordingly, by entering again in the same sequence all requested information.

The information listed in the table above, will be updated accordingly. Be sure that these modifications are done before reaching the first final / "To…" date. Do not forget "Save" button to update your specific QHEPAGE Reporting System.

Project Records:

On Project Records main menu [red] select "Project Records". By doing this you will be able to start populate your database, and consequently to be one step to create your reports.

After you will fill up the required information as they were defined previously, press "Show dates" blue button.

You will find a listing of dates, starting with the date when the team was assigned and finishing with the date when the team shall complete his duties.

All you have to do now is to select a specific date from the list and click on it.

You will observe that some of them are coloured in green, some of them in red. The dates having a red background are showing that some data were already recorded on that specific date.

After you selected the desired date, a new page will open and from now you are able to enter your numbers.

From default, there are unchangeable tabs, as they are required being part of minimum reporting systems around the industries.

Anyhow, if a special event shall be added, just check the "+" sign at the end of each section and you will be able to add the name of the respective item, also the quantitative information / value.

After filling up all sections, you may be asked to enter few words referring to a "Daily Summary". There is no any limitation in adding information, but nothing else except text. The paragraphs will be maintained during exporting the reports.

Again do not forget to hit the blue button "Save" to update your QHEPAGE Reporting System!


On Reports main menu [green] select the "Reports" tab. From the beginning you will have to choose the period of your report. If you need to export a report from previous day, just enter in "From…" the date of yesterday and in "To…" the same date of yesterday and the next page will show you the values.

Continuing after you choose the dates, you will be asked to choose the reference of your report: you are free to choose by individual unit / vessel, by team or by whole project.

On the top of the page, there is a "Reported by" tab. If you want to identify yourself as the reporting person, be sure that this field will be completed accordingly. Whatever will be written here, it will be exported in the main header of the report.

If you need to export statistics from a desired period of time, just go back and choose the dates and by references and the report will be produced.

On the bottom of the report page you can choose what kind of report you want to send to your office: you can choose form a simple report contain the statistics and summaries of daily reports, or a combined report contain supplementary colour graphs referring to each individual category defined in the report. Just click on the desired "Export…" blue button and a new page will be opened containing your report. Move your cursor to the lower right corner and you will be able to save it where you want.

Same here, there is another tab named "Chart reports". If you will access it, you will be able to see graphics representation of reported items by categories, for each individual unit. Please use the same step-by-step procedures as below and your blue graphics are there.

Am I right? Is QHEPAGE Reporting System simple to use? Please let us know your thoughts about it!

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